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Expert panel: Sustainable agriculture improving soil governance

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PlanSmart Team

On Thursday, 27th January, there will be an expert panel on sustainable agriculture improving soil governance worldwide. The panel will be moderated by Ana Paula Turetta (EMBRAPA Solos) and Stefan Sieber, head of the working group “Sustainable Land Use in Developing Countries” at ZALF. The panel is part of the 14th Global Forum for Food and Agriculture with a focus on “Sustainable Land Use: Food Security Starts with the Soil”.

Soils play a key role for biodiversity, water cycle regulation, nutrients recycling and carbon sequestration. These soil-based ecosystem services are the base for agriculture and food production. However, estimates indicate that up to half of the fertile soils of the planet might have been lost in the last 150 years. The panel guests include experts from the FAO, EMBRAPA Solos, GIZ and Croplife Brasil and will present a multi-level perspective on soil governance and real cases to encourage effective actions for soil sustainable use worldwide.


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