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The “audit berufundfamilie” family and career audit

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​​In December 2017 the ZALF successfully completed the re-audit and has obtained for third time the certificate to audit “Professionandfamily”. The audit is a strategic management instrument that supports the family-aware personnel policy and the anchoring of family-conscious values in a company culture.

Certification ceremony 

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The ZALF offers its 350 employees great flexibility for the arrangement of professional and family life. This includes options for mobile work, the mediation of child care, an external consulting for ZALF staff and ​their families, as well as the family-aware Tenure-Track-Process to aid in career development. These opportunities are additionally supported by company measures for Healthcare, as well as support to those returning to work following long-term illnesses.

The ZALF strives to effectively combine a high standard of performance with a sensible family-oriented policy.

More information: Dr. Marion Tauschke, Equal Opportunities Officer/ audit berufundfamilie berufundfamilie® Project Manager

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