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Societal relevance of excellent research develops with the dialogue between science and practitioners. In this exchange, challenges and needs arising in the world of application and practice are integrated into research for the benefit of both. The use of agricultural landscapes is determined by complex interactions of political and societal conditions, global trade, local environmental conditions, technological options, consumer demands and supply chain characteristics. The dialogue with practitioners from these diverse areas of land use has been established at ZALF since many years. It enriches our knowledge about the challenges practitioners face and our expertise to support sustainable solutions through research and innovation. With targeted science transfer activities, ZALF research creates future oriented impact in society, policy and economy.

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In 2011 ZALF, founded the subsidiary agrathaer GmbH together with other partners, to complement ZALF’s transfer activities with an innovative element. With agrathaer GmbH research results are transferred into policy and economy. agrathaer has established itself as an interface between research, practice and politics and fulfills two functions:

  • agrathaer offers products and services within the field of agricultural landscape and land use at regional, national and international level.
  • agrathaer utilizes and exploits scientific research results from ZALF and thereby ensures a professional transfer of knowledge and technology.


Coordination of Science Transfer

Graphic for the integration of the 'Coordination of Science Transfer' in the ZALF structure 

The organisational structure of a permanent working group oversees and coordinates the science transfer activities at ZALF as well as the cooperation and communication between ZALF and agrathaer. Core members include the science management staff in the directorate responsible for transfer, third party-funding and cooperation, the Administrative Director of ZALF, and the Management Board of agrathaer.

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