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Experimental Infrastructure Platform

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The Experimental Infrastructure Platform integrates ZALF’s numerous field- and landscape-scale research infrastructures such as the Experimental Stations, the Landscape Laboratory “AgroScapeLab Quillow” and the landscape monitoring into a single organisational unit headed by scientists with special technical expertise. The main task of the Experimental Infrastructure Platform is the implementation and support of institutionally and third-party funded research projects on behalf of ZALF working groups in the Research Areas and the Research Platform​. The Experimental Infrastructure Platform is responsible for ensuring the stipulated quality and functionality of the technical scientific instrumentation (e.g. lysimeters, large automatic gas measurement chambers, irrigation system, mobile gantry crane with automated measuring technology for greenhouse gases) and the continuous development of the experimental infrastructure in accordance with the ZALF Research Strategy.

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People of the research platform



Dr. Gernot Verch
T +49 (0)39853 609-26
F +49 (0)39853 609-24


Deputy Head

Dr. Axel Behrendt
T +49 (0)33237 849-01
F +49 (0)33237 849-49


Secretary’s office

Christin Schulz
T +49 (0)39853 609-0
F +49 (0)39853 609-24



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