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Landscape 2021 Conference

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Diversity for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture

Diversification as an essential building block for a sustainable agricultural transformation

Diversification is seen as a cornerstone towards a resilient and climate neutral transformation of the agricultural system. More than 400 participants from 42 countries therefore accepted ZALF's invitation to discuss the opportunities and challenges of diversification in agriculture over three days between 20 and 22 September at the Landscape2021 conference, which featured 175 presentations and 83 posters. Across scales and system levels, from cropping systems to farming, landscape, governance and food systems, diversification strategies were presented and their impact on ecosystem services and resource efficiency analysed. Contributions from all continents highlighted regional specificities. A key finding emerged that all system levels need to interact for diversification to be tangible and actually deliver a cornerstone towards sustainable transformation. To achieve this, research must be able to integrate across scales and system levels. New scientific methods for this were presented and discussed in depth in the 10 master classes. With their interdisciplinary methodological competence, the ZALF scientists made a relevant contribution to the success of the conference. The next Landscape Conference is planned for 2024.


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