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Publish your data

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​​​​​​​Start the process of data publishing by handing over your data, describing it as precisely as possible with metadata. In the end, your data will be published securely, permanently and citable by an DOI. A data publication in a specialized data journal can follow the publication in the BonaRes Repository.


Data transfer

Starting the process of data publishing is easy with our upload tool. We inform you about the successful upload.

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You have already received prepared metadata from us after a successful data upload? Please use it in the editor and add further metadata.

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Next steps?

Data publication notification

After a data publication in our repository, the submission of a data paper in a data journal could be the next step. Data publications in a special data journal are comparable to a "normal" paper and counting for scientific output. You can find an overview of data journals here. If you need bibliographic assistance (e.g., rights, authorships and selection of a suitable journal) feel free to contact the ZALF library:  .

External data publication

If you have published data in an external repository, or are a co-author of a data publication, please report this under the keyword "data publication" to: .


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