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Public Relations Department

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Public relations work at ZALF is focused on information about science and scientific results, information about service facilities and promotion of the dialogue between scientists and the public.

ZALF is member of the Informationsdienst Wissenschaft e.V. (the idw scientific information service), the news portal for up-to-date information from science and research. The idw recommends the “Guidelines for Good Science PR” to its members.

We would be happy to include you in our press mailing list. Simply send an e-mail containing your contact details to: Kontakt

Fields of activity

Management of communication relations with all relevant internal and external stakeholders

Strategic communications consulting

Press and media relations

Event Management

Internal communication

Scientific political consulting

Social media relations

Corporate design

Editorial management research magazine FELD

Research blog querFELDein

Podcast crossFIELDINFUNK

Contact: Hendrik Schneider (Head of PR)

Sekretariat: Margitta Mittelstedt

Staff: Sibylle Krickel

Staff: Julia Lidauer

Staff: Tanja Kollersberger

Staff: Tom Baumeister



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Contact Person

Hendrik Schneider
T +49 (0)33432 82-405
F +49 (0)33432 82-223
M +49 (0)151 405 455 00


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