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​Events organised by ZALF or in which we are deeply involved. Please visit also our German website.

For more information about the contact persons named, please refer to About Us > Contact Search.

With the DB event ticket​ you can travel to ZALF events in an environmentally friendly way.


You will find further events on our German website.

Upcoming events

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  • Landscape 2024 - Agroecosystems in Transformation: Visions, Technologies and Actors​

    17.09.2024, 10:00 Uhr - 19.09.2024, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: Conference/symposium

    ​The LANDSCAPE 2024 conference will bring together international experts to discuss the transformation of agroecosystems. The conference will address   the importance of visions for the future of agricultural landscapes as well as the roles of innovative technologies and actors in driving sustainable changes in these landscapes. Focusing on the landscape level, the conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers from various domains to share their knowledge and experiences and contribute to the transformation of agroecosystems. 

    LANDSCAPE 2024 invites scientific contributions from multiple disciplines relevant to agricultural landscapes and agroecosystems, including crop and soil sciences, ecology, land systems sciences and bio- and digital technology-associated sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

    Location: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e. V.
    Contact person:
    Lisa Brandt
    URL: Landscape 2024

  • International Grassland Congress 2027

    13.06.2027, 10:00 Uhr - 18.06.2027, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: Conference/symposium

    In 2027, ZALF, JKI and TI will host the XXVI International Grassland Congress in Leipzig. The theme of IGC 2027 will be "100 years of grassland research – ways to the future".

    The congress will present diverse aspects of natural grasslands and those managed at varying intensities, including the cultivation and use of other forage crops. Sustainable development of on-farm food production will be discussed, as well as the benefits of grassland management for society as a whole, especially for the environment and the preservation of biodiversity.

    The IGC has given scientists, students and representatives from industry, extension services and farms the opportunity to exchange the latest research findings and experiences on grassland every three to five years at different locations around the world. In 2027, the congress will celebrate its 100th anniversary in Leipzig.

    Location: Kongresshalle am Zoo Leipzig
    Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF), Julius-Kühn-Institut (JKI) und Thünen-Institut (TI)
    Contact person:
    URL: International Grassland Congress 2027


Events in the past

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  • AgriTechnica

    12.11.2023, 09:00 Uhr - 18.11.2023, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: Fair/exhibition

    This year, the DAKIS project will be represented together with two other consortia of the "Agricultural Systems of the Future" and the central coordination office at the AgriTechnica in Hanover from 12th to 18th November in Hall 24; Stand A21. 

    In addition to the MultiTouch table and short films, with the help of which visitors can gain a systematic overview of the "Agricultural Systems of the Future", the DAKIS spin-off EROSPOT will be the main focus of the exhibition. Monitors will demonstrate to visitors how to create high-resolution erosion maps accurate to the metre. In addition, a dashboard with sensor data and drone images will give an impression of the highly sensitive and networked recording of ecosystem services in the field. The digital exhibition formats are complemented by haptic exhibits such as the eBee drone.

    A highlight of the presence is the participation in the AGRITECHNICA 2023 technical programme with a panel discussion on the topic of "Agricultural systems of the future" - Innovative visions in area-based systems on 17th November from 12:00 to 12:50h in the Campus&Career area.

    Location: Messegelände Hannover
    Contact person:
    URL: Link zur AgriTechnica

  • Tropentag 2023 - Topic: Competing pathways for equitable food systems transformation: trade-offs and synergies

    20.09.2023, 13:00 Uhr - 22.09.2023, 17:00 Uhr

    Category: Conference/symposium

    Tropentag is an annual international conference on research in tropical and subtropical agriculture, natural re-source management and rural development. The conference is jointly organised by ZALF and the Council for Tropical and Subtropical Research (ATSAF e.V.) in co-operation with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. From 20-22 September, Tropentag 2023 will take place at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The hybrid conference is jointly organized by ZALF and the Council for Tropical and Subtropical Research (ATSAF e.V.) in collaboration with Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and brings together scientists, students, graduate students, development experts and funding agencies from several countries in Central Europe and their various international partner institutions.

    Young scholars are especially encouraged to present their research projects and results. About 700 people are expected to participate in Berlin or online.​​​​

    Location: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Tropische und Subtropische Agrarforschung e.V. (ATSAF)
    Contact person:
    Stefan Sieber
    URL: Tropentag 2023

  • Spatial Science Colloquium 2023 on "Spatial Development and Digitalisation"

    04.07.2023, 09:00 Uhr - 05.07.2023, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: Colloquium

    ​The intensive interactions between digitization and spatial development are the focus of the Spatial Science Colloquium 2023 (SSC2023) hosted by the Leibniz Research Network "Spatial Knowledge for Society and Environment (Leibniz R)". The SSC2023 will take place on 4 and 5 July. For the first time, the event will run over two days. Day 1 (English) is an online event aimed at an international scientific audience. Day 2 (German) will take place on site in Berlin and will be dedicated to the application-oriented exchange between science, politics and practice.​

    Location: Berlin
    Das Raumwissenschaftliche Kolloquium wird vom Leibniz-Forschungsnetzwerk Räumliches Wissen für Gesellschaft und Umwelt (Leibniz R) ausgerichtet.
    Contact person:
    URL: To the event page

  • SIDE EVENT SESSION AT THE FAO SCIENCE AND INNOVATION FORUM 2022: Integrating sustainable and inclusive energy technologies into agrifoodsystems in East Africa

    13.10.2022, 11:00 Uhr - 13.10.2022, 12:30 Uhr

    Category: Other

    Access to reliable, affordable and sustainable energy is vital for production, post-harvest management and cooking of food. While the need for transforming agrifood systems is certain, the debate on how this transformation should take place has not yet resulted in definitive conclusions and strategies. This side-event will address the current advances and opportunities for a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable energy consumption in agrifood systems. The speakers will highlight the role of renewable energy technologies on transforming agrifood systems as well as the current knowledge on best practices and approaches to drive a more inclusive and gendered innovation development.

    Location: virtual Zoom
    ZALF (Sustainable Land Use in Developing Countries SusLAND) and Universidade Lúrio
    Contact person:
    Custódio Matavel
    URL: Flyer and Registration Link

  • Webinar: Bending the curve of biodiversity loss - How can agriculture become part of the solution?

    04.05.2022, 12:00 Uhr - 04.05.2022, 13:30 Uhr

    Category: Seminar

    Agricultural transformation – what do farmers and researchers tell us? On 4th May 2022, the second webinar of the Bayer-funded project "Enhancing Biodiversity and Resilience in Crop Production" will take place and focusses on the collaboration among researchers, farmers and businesses. The webinar is co-hosted by ZALF.

    Location: Virtuell - Zoom
    Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung, ETH Zürich, World Food System Center (WFSC), Bayer, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
    Contact person:
    Sibylle Krickel
    URL: More Info and Registration

  • Landscape 2021 - Diversification for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture

    20.09.2021, 08:00 Uhr - 22.09.2021, 16:00 Uhr

    Category: Conference/symposium

    The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), together with international partners, is organizing the Landscape 2021 Conference from 20 to 22 September 2021. The conference will focus on the question whether and how diversification in agriculture contributes to resilience and sustainability. The event thus addresses current research topics between the conflicting priorities of climate change, food security and sustainability. The event brings together scientists from various disciplines with multipliers from politics, society, and practitioners.

    Location: Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum, Rudower Chaussee 26, 12489 Berlin
    Leibniz Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e.V.
    Contact person:
    Heike Schobert
    URL: More info on Landscape 2021

  • PhD Day 2021

    02.09.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 02.09.2021, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: PHD-Day

    ​We are happy to announce that this year’s PhD-Day will take place on the 2nd of September (9:30 h -18:00 h).

    We hereby invite all interested persons to this event that will include a keynote, PhD presentations, workshops, elevator pitches and a barbecue at the end of the day (see attached poster).

    The topic of the PhD-day 2021 is: “Bioeconomic and alternative perspectives within and beyond science: How can our research contribute to creating a sustainable and just society?”

    Depending on the pandemic situation in September, this event will be either take place in person at the ZALF Campus or online.

    We are looking forward to seeing many of you during this day.

    In order to ensure Corona hygiene measures, if ZALF externals are interested in participating, we ask that they pre-register at

    Jonathan Friedrich & Mariel Davies
    PhD representatives ZALF 2021

    Location: Haus 4
    Contact person:
    Lea Nitz
    URL: Poster PhD Day 2021

  • Resilience and Food Security in North and West African Economies: Sustainable Farming Strategies and Household Policy Options

    17.08.2021, 08:00 Uhr - 31.08.2021, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: Conference/symposium

    ​Organized Symposium for the 31st International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Online (17-31. 08.2021. The objective is to examine the diverse options that are available to households in North and West African economies for building resilient and sustainable agro-food systems to enhance household food security and climate change adaptability. The session aims to shed light on policy options for increasing their resilience to food security shocks as well as strategies for adopting more sustainable and efficient farming practices. The panel will be held by a group of experts from UDS (Ghana), WUR (Netherlands), ZALF (Germany), IFAD (Egypt) and ILO (Morocco). Target audience are researchers in the field of agricultural and development economics working with the area of sustainable farming system and resilient agro-food system; policy makers in African countries; NGOs and international development agencies working with resilience.​

    Location: virtually (online)
    Fatima Lehnhardt
    Contact person:
    Fatima Lehnhardt
    URL: 31ST International Conference of Agricultural Economists (ICAE) (VIRTUAL)

  • Integrated Earth System Research - Challenges, Approaches and Impacts

    29.06.2021, 13:00 Uhr - 30.06.2021, 14:00 Uhr

    Category: Workshop

    Organised by Leibniz Research Network "Integrated Earth System Research"
    For detailed information on that event please see the pdf in the attachment.

    Location: virtual
    ZALF & Leibniz Research Network "Integrated Earth System Research"
    Contact person:
    Lea Nitz
    URL: Detailed Programme

  • patchCROP Field Robotics Workshop 2021

    05.05.2021, 09:00 Uhr - 05.05.2021, 16:00 Uhr

    Category: Workshop

    The field robotics workshop offers presentations by international field robotics experts from science and industry, field demonstrations of robotics for interested parties from science and practice and an ideas competition on future application possibilities in patchCROP.

    The aims of the workshop are to present agronomic problems and requirements of field robots in field crops, a discussion on development possibilities of field robotics and digital technologies in diversified cultivation systems as well as opportunities for cooperation and networking for future project applications.

    Due to the current situation, the number of participants is limited and registration is required. If you are interested in participating simply register at

    Location: Tempelberg
    ZALF & Komturei Lietzen
    Contact person:
    Kathrin Grahmann
    URL: Registration for participation

  • ZALF - Guest Lecture -Prof. Dr. Jörg Overmann, Leibniz Institute DSMZ

    14.04.2021, 11:00 Uhr - 14.04.2021, 13:00 Uhr

    Category: Guest lecture

    Bacterial diversity and its role in soil ecosystems

    Prof. Jörg Overmann
    Scientific Director of the Leibniz Institute DSMZ - German Culture Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, Braunschweig

    Short abstract: Culture-independent studies have revealed that just 1 gram of soil may contain about 50,000 different bacterial species, representing the most diverse microbial communities on Earth. Estimates of the global bacterial diversity even exceed 1 billion species. By comparison, the number of bacterial species that are described and hence available for detailed physiological and biochemical characterization amounts to just 17,000. Microbes are the major drivers of biogeochemical transformations, hence their diversity, functions and interactions need to be resolved in order to arrive at a causal understanding of the soil ecosystem. This has now become possible with the advent of modern molecular, bioinformatics, and cultivation-based approaches.

    Wednesday, 14 April at 11 am, virtuell via Go -To - Meeting

    Location: ZALF, Konferenzraum 1 - Haus 4
    Contact person:
    Anke Hollburg
    URL: ZALF Guest Lecture Prof. Overmann - Announcement

  • International Workshop: Scenarios for legume protein in European agricultural systems

    01.10.2020, 08:30 Uhr - 02.10.2020, 15:30 Uhr

    Category: Workshop

    Diversification with grain legumes could reduce fertilizer and pesticide use and increase domestic plant protein production and consumption in Europe. Besides, legumes could improve the resilience of European farming systems to the socio-economic and climatic variability, enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services, and contribute to novel food systems.

    The workshop aims to develop a set of novel future scenarios for better-utilizing grain legumes with a focus on food systems in Europe by addressing the following questions:

    • What impact do change consumption patterns have on grain legume production?
    • How does climate change affect future protein supply?
    • How does global protein demand change resulting from continuous population growth?

    Based on the developed scenarios a scientific publication will be developed and all participants are invited to contribute.

    Location: Leibniz Association, Chausseestraße 111, 10115 Berlin
    Contact person:
    Moritz Reckling
    URL: Workshop website

  • PhD Day 2020

    10.09.2020, 09:30 Uhr - 10.09.2020, 18:00 Uhr

    Category: PHD-Day

    Join us during PhD Day 2020 on September 10th 2020!

    In its general research strategy, ZALF aims to answer a very important question: “How do we feed a growing world population without harming the climate, the environment and natural resources?”

    Yet, are the many PhD projects supervised at ZALF in line with this goal? What are current research gaps? And are there research topics not sufficiently represented in the strategy?

    We want to take this year’s PhD Day as an opportunity to reflect these questions.

    We will be happy to meet you there!

    In order to ensure the corona hygiene measures, PhD Day takes place exclusively virtually. If you are interested in participating, we kindly ask ZALF-external persons to pre-register at

    Siyu Huang, Christoph Schulze und Karoline Hemminger

    Doctoral representatives 2020

    Location: virtuell
    PhD Representatives & Direktorat
    Contact person:
    Lea Nitz
    URL: Poster & Programme PhD Day 2020

  • How to make the best of your data

    19.08.2020, 13:00 Uhr - 19.08.2020, 15:00 Uhr

    Category: Workshop

    Science heavily relies on data, and research generates a lot of data. However, managing research data is often deemed an unpleasant and tedious task. ZALF staff is invited to learn how the Research Platform Data Analysis and Simulation (RDS) service groups can help

    • to manage your data in an efficient way;
    • to safeguard your data;
    • to fulfil the requirements of funding organisations;
    • to select appropriate licences;
    • to increase reputation;
    • to gain visibility and the credit that you deserve;
    • to research and to assess existing data.

    Online access on request. Please contact Daniel Thiel

    Location: Konferenzraum 1, Haus 4
    Contact person:
    Daniel Thiel

  • Webinar: Participation in NFDI4Agri - Community Workshop

    15.07.2020, 10:00 Uhr - 15.07.2020, 15:00 Uhr

    Category: Workshop

    On 15th July 2020, NFDI4Agri will organize the first virtual workshop with and for the agricultural science community. NFDI4agri would like to introduce itself and engage in a direct exchange with you to learn about your needs for research data management and to involve you in our developments.

    Content of the workshop:

    ● 10-12 am.: Presentation of the consortium NFDI4Agri

    ● 13-15 pm.: Opportunities for participation

    The consortium NFDI4Agri (National Research Data Infrastructure for Agricultural Sciences) is a cooperation of various agricultural science research institutions in which ZALF is involved. The consortium is concerned with the development of a research data infrastructure for agricultural sciences that is unique worldwide. Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert (ZALF) is the spokesman of NFDI4Agri.

    Location: Webinar
    Contact person:
    Nikolai Svoboda
    URL: For participation, please register online before 10th July 2020.

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