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Program with announcement of IGA-Talk with Thomas Weith

 „Cities and the Countryside – Hand in Hand“

On 4th of September, this was the title of the IGA talk, organised by the Berlin / Brandenburg Regional Group of the Association of Urban and Regional Planners SRL in Germany. For the event at the International Garden Exhibition in Berlin, apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Weith (ZALF) was invited to give a short lecture. His topic: urban-rural interrelations and options for cooperation. So apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Weith stated: "Here a large number of opportunities for synergetic benefit exist. At the same time, however, we also have considerable research needs." At the same event, which was attended by around thirty participants, also Michael Künzel from the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment gave a short statement. In the subsequent 45 minutes of discussion, the various facets of the urban-rural interrelationships in the Berlin-Brandenburg context were discussed. Successful forms of cooperation such as joint spatial planning or marketing of agricultural products were addressed as well as future challenges. The dialogue in cooperation with SRL will be continued.

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