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ZALF Supports Campaigns for Democracy and Human Dignity

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Press Release​​

Prof. Dr. Frank Ewert

Under the motto "Brandenburg shows attitude", regional organizations and individuals take a public stand for democracy and cohesion. The Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) takes part in this campaign and stands up for an open-minded Brandenburg. ZALF also joins the declaration of the Leibniz Association "For Democracy and Human Dignity".

Current crises such as climate change, war, inflation and migration hold conflict potential, also for democracy in Germany. Insecurities caused by the rapid changes in our society are exploited by extremist and anti-democratic forces. ZALF is therefore committed to the protection of democracy and scientific exchange in order to overcome the current challenges in society.

With "Brandenburg Shows Attitude - For Democracy & Cohesion!" ZALF supports a campaign in which numerous organizations and individuals from the state show that they stand against right-wing populism, anti-democracy and for an open democracy.

Prof. Frank Ewert, scientific director of ZALF, explains the reasons for supporting the campaign as follows "Similar to science, democracy needs different perspectives to find solutions for the current complex social upheavals and crises; the answers are rarely simple. People from almost all continents research and work at ZALF and bring not only their professional diversity and thus different perspectives, but also a cultural diversity to our institution, which we see as a great enrichment. We are therefore committed to a democratic, tolerant, diverse and cosmopolitan Brandenburg. As part of our organizational guidelines, we also stand for open discussion, objective debate, and respectful interaction with one another.” ​


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