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Online Workshop: Future Soil Management

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PlanSmart Team

Agriculture is not only dependent on climate, but it can also influence it - when viewed over longer periods of time. Soil management plays a central role in adapting agriculture to climate change and slowing down global warming. What is needed to use soils sustainably in the long term is being investigated in the research project "Soil as a Sustainable Resource for the Bioeconomy - BonaRes". The research team will hold a workshop on "Soil Management of the Future" on March 04, 2021 (in German) and March 11, 2021 (in English), 9:00-13:30, respectively.

In order to understand future conditions for agriculture, to deal with uncertainties and to work on solutions, the research works with so-called pathways. With the help of this tool, different scenarios for land use in the future are designed.

As an additional tool, research uses storylines that inform about social, economic, political, natural and technological trends. This involves topics such as consumer demand, digitalization or the development of biodiversity.

In the online workshop "Soil Management of the Future", the team of the project "BonaRes" would like to invite stakeholders from agriculture, research, business, politics and civil society to discuss and review these storylines within the pathways. In particular, the team would like to incorporate farmers' perspectives into research on future land management practices.

No prior knowledge of development pathways is necessary. Informational materials will be provided prior to the event. An introduction to the topic is scheduled at the beginning of the workshop.

Online Workshop "Future Soil Management"
04 March 2021 (in German), 9:00 - 13:30
11 March 2021 (in Englich), 9:00 - 13:30

Please register by 01 March 2021 at the following link:

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