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Leibniz Conference on Sustainable Development Goals

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On 14th September the first Leibniz Conference on Sustainable Development Goals takes place at the House of the Leibniz Association in Berlin. With the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 by the United Nations, the world community has set an agenda for tackling the world’s most pressing economical and social challenges, while respecting planetary boundaries.​​

The conference topics include: How can scientists incorporate social challenges into their research programs? And how can different disciplines cooperate in order to bring together civil society and politics, to generate required knowledge and initiate necessary steps towards sustainability? 

The conference, which will be held in English, addresses research, administration, politics and further interest groups like NGOs as well as citizens and is supposed to offer an opportunity for transdisciplinary exchange. 

 ZALF has several roles at the new event. Prof. Katharina Helming is involved in the conference organisation, Dr. Stefan Sieber is going to give a presentation and Prof. Frank Ewert is going to chair the Session „Sustainable food systems from agriculture and aquaculture“ which is organized by the Leibniz Research Alliance "Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition“.


More information on the program and registration:
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