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Kick-off EU Projekt Soil Mission Support

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Kick-off meeting EU Projekt ‘Soil Mission Support’: Towards a European research and innovation roadmap on soil and land management​.

On 19-20 November the European research project was launched with a virtual kick-off meeting. Sustainable soil management is essential for protecting our soils and their vital ecosystem services, including food supply and carbon sequestration. In order to boost our transition towards sustainable soil management, the EU-funded SMS project aims to assess current research and innovation activities, identify knowledge gaps and develop a practical roadmap for action in Europe. Further, the identification and establishment of Living Labs and the creation of a co-design platform allows an ongoing and need-based knowledge creation process. Hence, through an inclusive multi-actor approach, the project will identify both the ‘what-to-do’ and the ‘how-to-do-it’ for a practical transition. 10 partner organisations from seven European countries cooperate in the project, which is led by the Federal Agency for Agriculture (BLE). At ZALF Katharina Helming and Michael Löbmann (Program Area 3 Agricultural Landscape Research) are responsible for scientific coordination.​



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Kick-off meeting EU Projekt ‘Soil Mission Support’| Quelle: © ZALF.
caption: Kick-off meeting EU Projekt ‘Soil Mission Support’​: Source: © ZALF.


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