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Soil data from 1983 on the influence of organic farming published

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Aerial view on the locations where the soil samples were taken

In November 2022, a data set on soil samples from 1983 was published in the BonaRes Repository of Soil and Agricultural Research Data to serve as the basis for a renewed study on conversion to organic farming.

The data set contains general characteristic soil features and data on organic matter contents as well as important nutrients and micronutrients. They were measured in 1983 at six different sites with alluvial loam sediments in Germany, four of them on arable land and two on grassland. They belonged to one organic farm and one conventional farm at that time. Soil samples were taken for a parallel investigation at each of two comparable sites.

The initial characteristics of these soils are to serve as a basis for later investigations of how organic management has affected the soil characteristics under investigation over a period of more than 30 years. Since 1988, the formerly conventional farm has also been managed organically.


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