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Focus on pulses: Symposium brings stakeholders together

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Bohnenausstellung beim Symposium

The symposium organized by Die Gemeinschaft e.V. on September 11 and 12 brought together some 300 stakeholders from the food sector to discuss a sustainable and equitable food system. Elisabeth Berlinghof, regional manager of LeguNet Berlin-Brandenburg and researcher at the Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), organized activities on legumes.

The theme of the event at Gut Boltenhof was "New value creation for pulses - the example of chickpeas from Brandenburg". Representatives of the entire value chain, from agriculture to processing to gastronomy, discussed the challenges and opportunities of regional pulses supply.

On the second day, the Prinzessinnengärten in Berlin opened its doors for events around pulses. Different pulses were grown and their importance for health, climate, agriculture and food waste was discussed. In a workshop with recipe developer Martina Trommler from Kitchen Stories, participants were able to taste pulses and discover their versatility in the kitchen.

The event underscored the need to promote regional sourcing of pulses, but also highlighted the challenges of availability and marketing. The event concluded with a joint dinner featuring chickpeas from Gut Friedersdorf.

Further information:

Die Gemeinschaft e.V. is a network of food producers and restaurateurs working for a better food culture and a more sustainable food system. Founded in 2017, the association networks culinary stakeholders, promotes knowledge transfer, and advocates for better working conditions and the promotion of young talent in the industry.

Radio report from radioeins about the event

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