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Participation in UBA expert workshop

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As part of the UBA-funded project "City and Country: Equality of Living Conditions by creating sustainable spatial relations" (in German: „Stadt und Land: Gleichwertige Lebensverhältnisse unter Ausgestaltung nachhaltiger Raumbeziehungen“), an expert workshop was realized in Berlin on September 9th 2022 to discuss how land use in Germany can be governed in a better way and the loss of agricultural soils will be avoided. In addition to about twenty other experts from all over Germany, apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weith, head of the working group "Co-Design of Change and Innovation" at ZALF and coordinator of the ReGerecht project, was also invited. The workshop demonstrated that a variety of efforts are still necessary to achieve a stronger implementation of sustainability-oriented land policy.


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Logo of project ReGerecht | Source: © Projekt ReGerecht.
Logo of project ReGerecht | Source​: © Projekt ReGerecht.​​



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