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Scale-N Factsheets published

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The five fact sheets published by the Scaling up Nutrition (Scale-N) project detail the implemented agricultural innovations.

These include

  1. the education about home gardens for vegetable production,
  2. the implementation of various educational components for healthy food consumption,
  3. the expansion of an SMS-based trading system for agricultural products by including nutritional messages,
  4. the establishment of a centre for professional vegetable trade and processing, and
  5. the implementation of various components for soil improvement through compost production.

These initiatives have been undertaken in close consultation with local people and represent in sum excellent ways to address nutritional deficiencies and improve malnutrition. The success of the individual components is still being investigated, but initial results show that the local nutrition status has improved.

The Scaling-Up Nutrition project (Scale-N) is concerned with improving the nutritional situation of people in south-eastern Africa. The focus is especially on central and eastern Tanzania, where help is given to self-help through economic as well as nutritional interventions, whereby the results and changes are scientifically recorded and investigated in detail - the project thus follows the action research approach. Initial results now show that in the period of the project, an improvement of various blood parameters of the affected population could actually be achieved and that, above all, the training components promise long-term success.

Scale-N is sponsored by BMEL.


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