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Successful stay in Indonesia

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Settlement on former forest, Bandung

Invited by several scientific institutions of Indonesia, apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weith visited Indonesia from 21st October to 2nd November.

It started with a keynote address at the first SoRes / SiReS conference in Bandung. The conference brought together scientists from different disciplines to talk about current challenges of sustainable development. Lectures at universities in Bandung and Yogyakarta for Studium Generale could be realized. In addition, the project area of PhD student Roni Susman in Patimban was on the list. In Subang and Bandung talks were held with representatives of planning authorities additionally. In the resource-rich country, where many people fight for their everyday existence, an enormous diversity of land use conflicts can be noticed. Solving them in a complex social context poses a major challenge. Here questions of power, ownership and resource responsibility arise in the context of difficult societal situation. The development of approaches towards sustainable land use therefore will be deepened in cooperation with various scientific institutions as well as within the scope of the supervised doctoral thesis.



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Settlement on former forest, Bandung | Source: © Thomas Weith.
Settlement on former forest, Bandung
Source: © Thomas Weith.
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