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PhD successfully completed by Charles Mgeni

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Erfolgreiche Promotion von Charles Mgeni?

On 6 December 2019, Mr. Charles Peter Mgeni of the working group SusLAND defended his dissertation at the Faculty of Life Sciences at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and is now entitled to bear the title “Dr. rer. agr.”

Food insecurity and escalation of food prices are vexing challenges, especially for developing countries. Consequently, the Tanzanian government seeks to revitalize the agriculture sector, by implementing various policies and establishing programs that are geared towards increasing domestic production of agricultural commodities. In particular, to reduce long-standing dependence on imports, the edible oil sub-sector is specifically targeted. In his cumulative doctoral thesis, Mr. Mgeni applied two novel methodological frameworks, Policy Analysis Matrix and Computable General Equilibrium Models to elucidate the competitiveness and economic-wide effects of enhancing the edible oil value chain for Tanzania. At ZALF, Mr. Mgeni has been affiliated with the SUSLAND working group since 2016. Congratulations!

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