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„Ackern for Future“: ZALF Researchers in Dialogue with Berlin High School Students

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Students' associations with the term 'agriculture'

Which conflicts regarding land use occur in rural areas? Which challenges is agriculture facing, in Brandenburg and beyond? And which solutions are currently being discussed?

These questions found much interest in Berlin High Schools: Roughly 200 students and teachers from 14 High Schools attended a virtual event organised by GeoUnion on March 16th, 2021, to learn more. „Ackern for Future? Ansätze für eine zukunftsfähige Landwirtschaft und Landnutzung – nicht nur in Brandenburg“ („Agriculture for Future? Approaches towards sustainable agriculture and land use – not only in Brandenburg“) was the title of the presentation held by apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Weith and Meike Fienitz (both from ZALF), during which they introduced the participants to the topics of land use change and agriculture, and presented current challenges and solutions. Interactive surveys invited the students to take an active part in the event. The subsequent discussion further demonstrated the high interest among youth regarding questions of sustainable land use. Continuation desired.



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Students' associations with the term 'agriculture' | Source: © Meike Fienitz / ZALF.
Students' associations with the term 'agriculture' | Source: © Meike Fienitz / ZALF.


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