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Dissertation Merlin Schaefer

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PlanSmart Team

Congratulations to Merlin Schäfer who successfully defended her thesis on 24th of October at the University of Potsdam.

Merlin has carried out her work with the title "Understanding and predicting global change impacts on migratory birds” at the University of Potsdam and in the ZALF working group "Fungal Interactions" (Research Area 1) within the framework of the DFG funded Research Training Group "BioMove".

She dealt with the influence of climate change and related biotic and abiotic factors (e.g. resource availability) on various migratory birds and their movement behaviour. Merlin implemented a mechanistic modelling approach to predict the population dynamics as well as breeding and migration behavior of migratory birds, which she applied for falcons and white storks. Prof. Florian Jeltsch (UP), Prof. Stephanie Kramer-Schadt (IZW) and Dr. Marina Müller (ZALF) supervised the doctorate.

We wish Merlin all the best for her future scientific career.




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Dissertation Merlin Schaefer | Quelle: © Dr. M. Mueller
Dissertation Merlin Schaefer Quelle: © Dr. M. Mueller


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