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BioMove moves on!

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BioMove Team

The DFG senate decided on a further approval of our Research Training Group “BioMove” and will support us for another 4.5 years for a second BioMove phase.

Our group of 11 PIs, 11 pHD students, 3 post-docs and further associated PhDs and post-docs of University of Potsdam (spokesperson: Prof. Florian Jeltsch), Freie Universität Berlin, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research Berlin the ZALF Müncheberg was excellently evaluated by a DFG evaluation team and especially praised for our excellent output, our excellent dissertation quote in the first cohort and for the close integration between theoretical and empirical work.

The further development of our ideas on the influence of dispersal processes on biodiversity patterns will again be the focus of our project over the next 4.5 years. To this end, we are investigating various movement processes and mechanisms, different groups of organisms (foxes, mice, bats, plants, zooplankton, phytopathogenic fungi) and the change of biodiversity patterns in agricultural landscapes (especially in AgroScapeLab Quillow).


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BioMOve Team | Quelle: © BioMove
BioMOve Team | Quelle: © BioMove


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