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LSA-Colloquium - 19.04.2016

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Invitation to the LSA colloquium

Rafael Battisti
(ESALQ – University of Saõ Paulo)

Core Topic I:

Simulation of soybean yields in Southern Brazil with the MONICA crop model"

19.04.2016 at 9:30 am

House 45,Conference room



Soybean is the main crop grown in Brazil, being cultivated throughout the country. In this context crop models can help to evaluate yield dynamics in diverse regions, including yield gap, to define better management and strategies to reduce the impact of climate change, and especially in Southern Brazil, to help to improve drought tolerance. Based on that, our aim was to calibrate the MONICA crop growth model to simulate soybean yields in Southern Brazil. The model was calibrated with data from field experiments performed during the 2013/2014 cropping season, at three sites, with sowing dates between October and January and under rainfed and irrigated conditions. Based on this observed data, first crop phase durations were calibrated, adjusting the thermal time for each phase after a sensitivity analysis to photoperiod response in the model. For yield, the calibration started with an update of growth parameters based on literature and led to performing a sensitivity analysis for root parameters and maximum assimilation rate, looking toward improvement of MONICA yield simulations for soybeans in Southern Brazil.

The colloquium will be held in English.

We kindly invite you to this colloquium.


Dr. Claas Nendel
Acting head


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