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BonaRes Data management workshop December 2022

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geonode workshop 2022

BonaRes held a virtual workshop on research data management on 13th December 2022.

The event explained FAIR principles, how to make data FAIR (, the BonaRes Centre's simplified data publication methodology, and how to find and reuse data in the repository .Some participants in groups could explored the repository, downloaded, and evaluated a dataset based on the FAIR principle. Eleven (11) out of 17 projects of the BonaRes- & Rhizo4Bio-community were represented. Participants from the projects CATCHY, SIGNAL, BonaRes Centre, ORDIAmur, DiControl, INPLAMINT, SOILAssist, I4S, SUSALPS, RootWayS, and CROP. There were 26 participants, but only 19 answered the poll questions. Eleven (65%) of 17 respondents had never published a dataset. The workshop's outcomes were assessed at the conclusion. Eighty-three percent (83%) of participants indicated their workshop outcome was met.

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