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Event in Dedelow: Evaluation of the growing season 2023

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Infoveranstaltung in Dedelow 2023

On Thursday, August 30, 2023, an information event was held at the ZALF trial site in Dedelow to report on the cereal and legume growing season to date. About 60 farmers and industry representatives took part in the practical exchange. The invitation was extended by Dr. Gernot Verch, head of the ZALF experimental infrastructure platform, which includes the Dedelow site.

The focus of the annual exchange is on so-called combine crops, i.e. crops that are harvested by threshing. These include mainly cereals and rapeseed, but also legumes such as chickpeas.

At this year's event, Dr. Gernot Verch reviewed the year's weather and vegetation patterns. The wet spring, followed by an extremely long dry spell, had a positive effect on the harvest by reducing disease. However, the wheat harvest was difficult due to the wet weather, he said. For several years, June has established itself as the "new summer" with lots of sun and little rain.

This year's crop trials were also evaluated. Valuable advice was also given on variety selection, crop protection, nitrogen fertilization and crop rotation. On tillage, a comparison was made between no-till and mulch tillage in canola and wheat. This was followed by a lively exchange and technical questions from the growers about their growing experiences.

Interested parties should mark their calendars for the next Field Day in Dedelow, which is expected to take place in May 2024.

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