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E-mobility at ZALF: The first four charging stations in Müncheberg go into operation

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Bild der Eröffnung der Ladesäulen am ZALF in Müncheberg mit Vertretern des ZALF, des Betreibers GASAG und EMB sowie der Stadt Müncheberg

The Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) has installed the first four charging stations for e-mobility in Müncheberg. They are operated by EMB Energie Brandenburg, a GASAG Group company. All stations are accessible to ZALF employees, guests and tenants, and two of the stations are also accessible to external electric car drivers. Eight charging stations are available, each with a charging capacity of up to 22 kW, depending on capacity.

The Leibniz Center for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) in Müncheberg is a pioneer when it comes to innovative ideas and concepts in modern agriculture. It is therefore fitting that the institute has entered into a partnership with EMB Energie Brandenburg to modernize its mobility concept.

The result is the first four e-charging stations in Müncheberg, which were inaugurated yesterday, March 12, 2024. Two of them are located directly on Eberswalder Straße, the other two on the ZALF premises. All charging stations can be used by ZALF staff and visitors, as well as by anyone who drives an electric car. However, only the two columns on the street are accessible around the clock.

To "fill up" at the charging stations, you can use the EMB charging card or another card from one of the more than 260 partners and roaming partners of the network, such as Maingau, DKV or EnBW/ADAC. Spontaneous recharging without a recharge card is also possible, either with a Girocard or via an app. During the day, however, there is a small blocking fee after four hours of charging to prevent vehicles from blocking the stations unnecessarily. There are no restrictions at night. Each column is equipped with two charging points, each providing up to 22 kW of power.

"We are very pleased that our columns will be the first charging stations for electric vehicles in the whole of Müncheberg. In ZALF, which is researching the sustainable agriculture of the future, we have found exactly the right partner for this project," said Dr. Jens Horn, Managing Director of EMB Energie Brandenburg. "For us, there is no question that the future belongs to electric mobility when it comes to climate-friendly transportation. In order to make mobility nearly CO2-free, we also supply these charging stations exclusively with electricity from 100 percent hydropower."

Martin Jank, Administrative Director at ZALF: "In the area of environmental management, ZALF is pursuing a strategy to promote the decarbonization of transport. Not all employees can use public transport to get to work, so we are very pleased about this joint project with EMB/Gasag and, of course, the city of Müncheberg to give employees and the general public the opportunity to switch to electric mobility.



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Opening of the charging stations at ZALF in Müncheberg with representatives of ZALF, the city of Müncheberg and the operator. | Source: © Murat Kretschmer / GASAG.
On Tuesday, March 12, 2024, the first charging stations were opened at ZALF in Müncheberg. | Source: © Murat Kretschmer / GASAG

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Martin Jank, Director of ZALF, and Uta Barkusky, Mayor of Müncheberg, cut the ribbon to open the charging stations at ZALF in Müncheberg. | Source: Jens Bobrowski / ZALF.
Martin Jank, Director of ZALF, and Uta Barkusky, Mayor of Müncheberg, cut the ribbon to open the charging stations at ZALF in Müncheberg. | Source: Jens Bobrowski / ZALF
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