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Registration until 19 August 2022: Congress of the European Society for Agronomy (ESA)

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PlanSmart Team

The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) will host the 17th Congress of the European Society for Agronomy (ESA). The congress will take place in Potsdam from the 29th of August to the 2nd of September 2022. The registration period has been extended until 19 August 2022.

The conference program will include sessions on four different topics:

  • Session 1: Increasing the resilience and resource efficiency of cropping systems, focusing on climate change
  • Session 2: Towards pesticide-free agriculture
  • Session 3: Trade-offs of producing protein from crops and livestock
  • Session 4: Crop diversification and digitalisation to support transformations in production systems

In addition to the lecture program, visitors can expect excursions to field trials, landscape laboratories and agricultural sites of ZALF, the University for Sustainable Development (HNEE), the agroforestry farm Böllersen Walnut Mastery, as well as to the Spreeewald Biosphere Reserve.

The European Society of Agronomy (ESA) is a scientific network founded in 1990 with the aim of promoting the science of agronomy and its application in agriculture and rural development throughout Europe. Every two years, ESA initiates a congress. The 17th ESA conference is chaired by Prof. Claas Nendel, researcher at ZALF and president of ESA. At ZALF, he is co-head of the ZALF research platform "Data Analysis & Simulation" and leads the working groups "Landscape Modeling" and "Ecosystem Modeling". At the same time, Prof. Nendel is Professor for Landscape Systems Analysis at the University of Potsdam. Prof. Nendel is a geoecologist with expertise in agroecosystem modeling with a focus on water and matter budgets.

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