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First EMAS environmental management system monitoring audit successfully completed

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PlanSmart Team

The first monitoring audit of the environmental management system at the Müncheberg site was successfully completed on 1st September 2021. As a result, there are only a few, minor indications and recommendations which, together with the results from the internal audits, will be addressed by the second monitoring audit in fall 2022.

As part of the monitoring audit, a team from GUTcert conducted interviews with the Executive Board, ZALF's Environmental Management Officer Bettina Schoch-Liebe, and representatives from various departments. The environmental auditor also visited the ZALF experimental plots and was expertly informed by ZALF employees Johann Bachinger and Dietmar Barkusky about the experimental setups and implementation. Afterwards, the auditor visited, among other things, the workshop of the experimental department, where he was able to convince himself of the safe handling of hazardous substances and oils.

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