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Kick-off meeting of the EU Horizon2020 project "AGROMIX" on agroforestry systems and mixed farming

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On 30 November, the starting signal for the European research project "AGROMIX" was given in a three-day virtual kick-off meeting. The project focuses on research into agroforestry and mixed farming systems.

Agroforestry systems are agricultural land use systems in which cropland or pasture coexist with rows or clusters of trees in the same field. Tree elements reduce the risk of soil erosion, increase biodiversity, and conserve water and nutrients in the soil. Especially against the background of ever-increasing climate change, agroforestry systems in combination with arable farming or with animal husbandry offer a way towards a sustainable and resilient modern agriculture.

The project "AGROMIX" will approach the topic of agroforestry on several levels, from the material interactions of individual land use elements to the economic performance of agroforestry farms and its value chains to policy recommendations for the promotion of this form of land use. The goal of the project is to fill knowledge gaps, generate new knowledge, and bring agroforestry and interconnected systems more into the focus of science and the general public.

With 28 cooperation partners in 15 countries, the project has a transdisciplinary and international focus. AGROMIX is led by Coventry University in England. At ZALF, Peter Zander and Alma Thiesmeier (Program Area 3, WG Farm Economics and Ecosystem Services) are responsible for the project.

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