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ZALF scientists on the "Hot List" of the most influential climate scientists

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Claas Nendel, Frank Ewert und Kurt Christian Kersebaum

In April, the Reuters "Hot List" of the 1,000 most influential climate scientists was published. Prof. Frank Ewert, scientific director of ZALF, is among the top 100.

The ranking of the 1,000 most influential climate scientists is based on a combination of three rankings that measure the number of publications, citations, and public reach outside the discipline. The idea as well as the data analysis goes back to the data journalist Maurice Tamman. Three ZALF scientists made it into the top1000: Prof. Frank Ewert in 83rd place, Associate Prof. Kurt Christian Kersebaum in 311st place, and Prof. Claas Nendel in 351st place.


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