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New DFG-project granted:

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DFG Projekt PD Dr. H. H. Gerke

Solute mass transfer through the macropore-matrix interface during preferential flow in structured soils: model development (SOMATRA)

A key component for understanding preferential flow in structured soils is mass transfer between macropores and the porous soil matrix. This transfer of water and solutes is controlled by properties of biopore walls and crack coatings that characterize the macropore-matrix interface. The objective of this project is to develop an “effective” macroscopic transfer term for reactive solutes that can be related to the mm-scale distribution of local properties at this interface.

For the development, we focus on worm burrow walls and clay-organic crack coatings from the B-horizons of three sites that differ with respect to parent material (i.e., glacial till, loess, crystalline rock) and land use (i.e., arable land, forest). Experiments and numerical simulations will be carried out together with cooperation partners from the Czech Technical University (Prague) and the University of Kassel (Witzenhausen).



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New DFG-project granted | Quelle: © PD Dr. H. H. Gerke.
This scheme summarizes the core ideas of the project including the numerical simulation of reactive solute transport at the mm-scale.
Quelle: © PD Dr. H. H. Gerke.


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