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Model & Simulation Infrastructure (Service)

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This working group is engaged in the development of a sustainable base for the modelling and simulation activities of the ZALF working groups, particularly the Research Platform “Data Analysis & Simulation”.

Initially, the working group is concerned with the consolidation of the different models used at ZALF. The goal is to create a common IT infrastructure, which can run these models quickly and efficiently, but at the same time is easily useable by the ZALF scientists. Together with the working group “Data Infrastructures​”, the WG works on interfaces to enable for all models standardized access to requested input data, with a special focus on automated machine–to-machine communication.

Furthermore, the working group will establish modern methods of quality management at the respective levels for the complete scientific workflow, starting at model development, continuing with data provisioning into actual simulation activities and leading to data analysis and storage.

Building upon this work, the WG will implement the technological foundation to integrate inter-methodological and inter-disciplinary models, aiming at having socio-economic and biophysical models running side by side – and interacting with each other – within the ZALF infrastructure.

The working group “Model & Simulation Infrastructure” consequently uses open principles for their developments and, if possible, offers models and infrastructure components under Open Source licenses. Central contact point is the GitHub organization “zalf-rpm” (

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Head of working group

Michael Berg-Mohnicke
T +49 (0)33432 82-354



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Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e. V.

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