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Institute of Soil Landscape Research

Institute of Land Use Systems

Institute of Landscape Biogeochemistry

Institute of Landscape Systems Analysis

Institute of Landscape Hydrology

Institute of Socio-Economics

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ZALF is working on socially relevant questions related to the use of agricultural landscapes. Issues such as food security, soil as a natural resource or biodiversity are interdisciplinarily investigated. The research questions comprise three core topic areas starting from the functioning of agricultural landscapes through the effect of different land uses to the resulting use conflicts and their governance. Based on the results ZALF develops solutions for the sustainable intensification of land use under changing conditions such as climate change.


Core Topics

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ZALF’s research is focused on three Core Topics transcending the institutes.

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To Core Topics

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Landscape Functioning - 2

Landscape Functioning

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Land Use Change and Impacts - 2

Land Use Change and Impacts

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Land Use Conflicts and Governance - 2

Land Use Conflicts and Governance


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In order to fulfil its remit, ZALF combines its research activities into cross-institutional, national and international research projects.

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Publications released by ZALF employees are deposited in the central publication database. There is open access to some of these publications.

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Handbooks & Study Material

Cooperative Activities

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Cooperative agreements with universities, universities of applied sciences and other research institutions in Germany and abroad are an important basis for joint activities in research and teaching.

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To Cooperative Activities


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Courses held by ZALF employees during the last two semesters listed in the ZALF database​.

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To Teaching

Prizes and Distinctions

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Scientists from the ZALF are honored for outstanding achievements and receive prestigious awards, prizes and distinctions from Germany and overseas.

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To Prizes and Distinctions

Scientific Portals

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Open Research Data - The portal for freely accessible primary research data at ZALF

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To Scientific Portals

Software Downloads

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Software-Downloads: Nitrogen budget calculator, Legume estimation trainer, ROTOR, SAMT, DatasetRanker, HERMES

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