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Research Areas​

ZALF derives its research questions from societal questions which are of high relevance in agricultural landscapes. They are addressed in three interdisciplinary Research Areas (RA), which are closely interlinked via topical and methodological interfaces. While Research Area 1 "Landscape Functioning" deals with processes, feedbacks and cause-and-effect relationships in agricultural landscapes, Research Area 2 "Land Use and Governance" focuses on the interactions between agricultural use, ecosystem services and biodiversity as well as on suitable governance approaches for the sustainable development of agricultural landscapes. Taking into account the results from Research Areas 1 and 2 as well as external data and knowledge sources, Research Area 3 "Landscape Research Synthesis" develops methods and applications to synthesize the analytical understanding of natural and socio-economic processes in landscapes into action-relevant knowledge, thereby making it available for comprehensive impact assessments as well as decision support for actors in business, politics, science and society.

Research and Infrastructure Platforms

The thematic work in the Research Areas is reinforced and interlinked by two Research Platforms, each combining research and services. The Research Platform "Data" is dedicated to scientific methods and tools for preparing, providing and analyzing agricultural landscape data and provides data-related services for thematic research in the Research Areas. The Research Platform "Models & Simulation", on the other hand, focuses on agricultural landscape modelling and the provisioning and further development of model-related services. The numerous ZALF research infrastructures at the field and landscape scale are clustered in the "Experimental Infrastructure Platform". The three platforms therefore play a special role in the integration of the thematic research activities in the Research Areas. They enable ZALF to collect, provide and evaluate research data and modeling results from modern agricultural landscape research in an efficient, goal- and user-oriented manner.

Administration and Services

Central units such as the Directorate, the Administration and further service facilities provide a wide range of internal services to maintain and support ZALF’s research activities.​


Research Areas and Platforms

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Research Areas and Platforms of ZALF

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Area 1 "Landscape Functioning" - 1

Research Area 1 "Landscape Functioning"

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Area 2 'Land Use and Governance" - 1

Research Area 2 'Land Use and Governance"

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Area 3 "Landscape Research Synthesis" - 1

Research Area 3 "Landscape Research Synthesis"

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Platform Data - 1

Research Platform Data

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Platform Models & Simulation - 1

Research Platform Models & Simulation

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Experimental Infrastructure Platform - 1

Experimental Infrastructure Platform

Central Services

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Central Service and Administrative Units

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Directorate - 1


MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Administration - 1


MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Information Systems - 2

Research Information Systems

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Scientific Meeting Centre - 2

Scientific Meeting Centre

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Library & Publication Management - 2

Library & Publication Management

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Coordination of Science Transfer - 1

Coordination of Science Transfer

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