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​The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), an institution of the Leibniz Association.

ZALF's mission is to scientifically explain causal relationships in agricultural landscapes, and to provide society with a knowledge-base for the sustainable use of agricultural landscapes through excellent research.

Unlike natural landscapes, agricultural landscapes are shaped by their use and their users. The research at ZALF therefore comprises the social demands placed on agri-cultural landscapes and the effects of their use. ZALF has been increasingly concentrating its research on the Grand Societal Challenges relevant in the context of agricultural landscapes such as climate change, food security or the protection of biodiversity.

According to its statutes, ZALF serves “the public welfare by communicating scientific insights to the relevant sections of the population, technical communities and business circles”. ZALF research stands explicitly for scientific excellence and social relevance.


Bodies, Organisation Chart, Funding Bodies & Legal Form, Statutes

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ZALF was established with the legal form of a registered, non-profit association. The association's official bodies are the Assembly of Members, the Executive Board and the Scientific Advisory Board. The Executive Board is being advised by the ZALF Board, an internal body consisting of ZALF scientists.

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To Bodies, Organisation Chart, Funding Bodies & Legal Form, Statutes

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Assembly of Members

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Scientific Advisory Board

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Executive Board

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Internal Advisory Board ("ZALF-Rat")

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Other Bodies

Contact Search

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Contact search includes ZALF employees and associated persons.

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To Contact Search

Audit berufundfamilie

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​ZALF Müncheberg was once again awarded the “audit berufundfamilie® certificate” on 17 June 2014. The audit is a strategic management tool to sustainably improve family-conscious personnel policy and to anchor family consciousness within the corporate culture.

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To Audit berufundfamilie


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The ZALF history from 1928 (how it all started) until today (the advent of sustainability)

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To History

Contact Us & How to Reach Us

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Do you have a query and are wondering who to contact at ZALF? How to get to ZALF? Map of ZALF.

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To Contact Us & How to Reach Us

Legal Notice

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Legal notice and data privacy statement

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To Legal Notice

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To Data Privacy Statement

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