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Tenure Track System

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​The ZALF Tenure Track System offers reliable and transparent pathways toward a long-term career perspective to outstanding scientists. Through the combination of three different Tenure Tracks, topical (Classic) and open (Open Topic) calls as well as weighted evaluation dimensions, the Tenure Track System allows

  • supporting promising early career researchers on their path towards scientific excellence (Regular Tenure Track),
  • attracting successful experienced scientists with essential topical and methodological expertise (Fast Tenure Track), and
  • recruiting excellent leading scientists (Immediate Tenure Track).

The Tenure Track System is thus an essential component of ZALF’s scientific quality management. With its recruitment and continuing qualification of female and male scientists, the Tenure System also contributes to ZALF’s objectives regarding gender equality.

Detailed information on the ZALF Tenure Track System can be found in the respectivepdf iconguideline new tab icon .

Calls for tenure track positions will be typically announced during the 1st quarter of each calendar year. Currently published calls can be found on the vacancies page.

The next regular round of calls is planned for January/February 2019.

Questions regarding the ZALF Tenure Track System can be addressed to Dr. Ulrike Hagemann.

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