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Dr. rer. nat. Claas Nendel

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Claas Nendel

Dr. rer. nat.

Bild Dr. rer. nat. Claas Nendel 

Geoecologist (Dipl.)

Working Group: Ecosystem Modelling

Working Group: Integrated Landscape Modelling

Research Platform "Models & Simulation"
Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
Eberswalder Straße 84
15374 Müncheberg​


  • Agro ecosystem modelling with focus on water and matter dynamics


  • Simulation of yield formation, water and nutrient uptake of crops
  • Economic and ecological assessment of crop rotations and management strategies using simulation models
  • Analysis, parameter estimation and modelling of soil organic matter and crop residue mineralisation

Curriculum Vitae


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