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Claudia Bethwell

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Claudia Bethwell


Picture Claudia Bethwell 

Geographer (Dipl.)

Institute of Land Use Systems
Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) 
Eberswalder Straße 84
15374 Müncheberg

T +49 (0)33432 82-266
F +49 (0)33432 82-387

PhD candidate with the working title:
A methodological approach for spatial explicit integration of agricultural land use into agroecological studies and regionalisations

Supervisor ZALF: Prof. Dr. agr. Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura und Dr. agr. Ulrich Stachow
Supervisor University/University of Applied Sciences: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Haase (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Geographisches Institut)


  • GIS


  • Spatial explicit analysis of agricultural landscapes
  • Regionalisation: Allocation of agricultural landuse and their impact on components of the agricultural landscape (biodiversity, …) and ecosystem services
  • Scenario analysis
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