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PhD representatives

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The PhD representatives welcome you

This area aims to give you ‒ today’s and tomorrow’s early career researchers at ZALF ‒ a brief overview of the activities and possibilities open to early career researchers. The support of researchers and technical staff in their early professional stages is of particular concern to ZALF. Support is initially offered at the undergraduate stage (internships and final theses) and continues at the PhD bis zur post-doc phase.

We, the PhD representatives, act as an interface between PhD students on the one hand and ZALF’s scientific coordinators and boards on the other. We represent the interests of early career researchers in a variety of bodies, and also endeavour to provide support in everyday scientific practice. We also foster contacts between PhD students, encouraging exchange between them.

We listen to your questions, ideas and concerns!

Simply contact us on the PhD e-mail address or send us a personal e-mail.

We would love you to become involved in developing the PhD community at ZALF, and look forward to telling you more about life as a PhD student here.

Why not come to one of our next meetings, such as the PhD Café. We look forward to seeing you there!

Regular events for PhD students:

  • PhD Café: PhD students meet on an informal basis to drink coffee together. The aim of these coffee meetings is to enable early career researchers to regularly engage in exchange about their PhD topics. We also invite speakers from ZALF to provide assistance and tips about PhD studies.
  • Institute’s colloquium: At the Institute’s colloquiums, held monthly, PhD students and researchers are given the opportunity to present their scientific progress to a wider audience and to discuss it with them.
  • Writing retreat: One or two times a year we offer a joint trip of early career researchers together with some senior scientist to a secluded setting (i.e. “retreat”) to intensively work on a particular task, for example a publication manuscript or a project proposal, without distractions of everyday office life.
  • PhD Pub: We are getting together after work for informal exchange.

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