Zero Acreage Farming – Urban Agriculture of the Future

What does the future of urban agriculture look like? Which farming techniques and types of urban infrastructure will be required? How can our quality of life benefit from the building-integrated production of fruit and vegetables? And how can the involvement of city councils, investors, citizens, homeowners and architects be encouraged in order to fully prepare the City of Berlin for the trend towards building-integrated urban agriculture?

These issues are explored within the research project entitled “ZFarm. Innovation and Technology Analysis Zero Acreage Farming”. The aim is to identify various building-integrated farming models for the metropolitan area of Berlin by 2013, and to identify the options available for their sustainable implementation.




ZFarm article published in international scientific journal:

THOMAIER, S., SPECHT, K., HENKEL, D., DIERICH, A., SIEBERT, R., FREISINGER, U.B. & M. SAWICKA (2015): Farming in and on urban buildings: Present practice and specific novelties of Zero-Acreage Farming (ZFarming). – Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 30, 1, 43-54. [go to Abstract: "Farming in and on urban buildings ..."]


NEW: Practical guide "Rooftop greenhouses"
English edition published!

Practical guide "Rooftop Greenhouses" 

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Last Newsletter

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the topic of ZFarming and in our research results! Since funding for the research project “ZFarm – urban agriculture in the future” runs out at the end of the year, this is the fifth and, unfortunately, the final regular newsletter. However, we will continue to send special announcements as and when required (for example, to announce the planned public poster exhibition). The website will also continue to exist until the end of 2014, meaning that you can still find out about results and publications.


ZFarm final conference
"ZFarming – Urban agriculture of the future"
held on September, 24, 2013

Look at the participants round, ZFarm final conference "ZFarming - Urban agriculture of the future" held on September, 24, 2013 at the Kalkscheune in Berlin-Mitte, Photo: Anna Galda, Technische Universität Berlin

Further information about the ZFarm final conference  [click here]


World map of existing ZFarming Projects

The map showing ZFarming projects available at was once again updated, and now contains 94 existing projects in North America, Europe and Asia. The map enables users to search for projects based on various criteria, and also contains useful links. For example, you can reduce your search to rooftop greenhouses or projects in Asia only. Queries can also involve a combination of different criteria.

World map of existing ZFarming Projects

Further information on the content and application of the map  [click here]


Potential Rooftop Areas for ZFarming in Berlin

Map with potential roof surfaces for commercial ZFarming in Berlin

The map was created on the basis of data taken from the Berlin Solar Atlas and the Environment Atlas. Further information on the content and application of the map  [click here]



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