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Festo Richard Silungwe

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Festo Richard Silungwe


Picture Festo Richard Silungwe 

Agricultural Engineer (B.Sc)
Irrigation Engineering and Management (M.Sc.)

Working Group: Sustainable Land Use in Developing Countries

Research Area 2 "Land Use and Governance"
Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
Eberswalder Straße 84
15374 Müncheberg​

T +49 (0)33432 82-193
F +49 (0)33432 82-387

PhD candidate with the working title:
Unlocking the potential in assessing cropping upgrading strategies for food security in Dodoma, Tanzania (FS-Do)

Supervisor ZALF: Dr. sc. agr. Frieder Graef und Dr. sc. agr. Marcos Lana
Supervisor University/University of Applied Sciences: Prof. Dr. agr. Sonoko Dorothea Bellingrath-Kimura (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)


  • Irrigation & Drainage and Modelling (crop and Hydrology)


  • To evaluate the effectiveness of tied ridges and micro fertilization, in reducing the risks of pearl millet yield failure in Dodoma
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the varying sowing dates and spatial distribution of the pearl millet plots in reducing crop failure due to impact of rainfall variability
  • To extrapolate the local field results from Dodoma by modelling the variables that influences the risk of failure of pearl millet
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