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Association dedicated to the promotion of research

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Freundes- und Förderverein der Forschung in Müncheberg e. V.

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The Association acts as a bridge between the research town of Müncheberg and Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF).

  • It helps select the winners of the research award donated by the research town of Müncheberg and organises its annual presentation at the Open Day by the mayor currently in office.
  • Each month, the Association informs readers of the town’s official gazette about activities and projects carried out at ZALF’s institutes.
  • It organises exhibitions about day-to-day research activities within the town.
  • It has assumed responsibility for Erwin Baur’s grave, has erected plaques and organises the maintenance of the grave by ZALF.

Information flyer as pdf file (German)

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