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Institute of Soil Landscape Research

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Angélica Jaconi, bei einer Treibhausgas-Campagne in Rittgarten
Angélica Jaconi, Doktorandin, bei einer Treibhausgas-Campagne in Rittgarten - Uckermark. (Foto: Angélica Jaconi)


Write your doctoral thesis at ZALF!

Doctoral candidates from a wide variety of subject areas and countries are making use of the opportunity to prepare their PhD at ZALF.

PhD representatives

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The PhD representatives welcome you.

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To PhD representatives

Contacts for early career researchers

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Who to contact if you have any questions.

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To Contacts for early career researchers

PhD Thesis

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Your options at ZALF and our expectations.

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To PhD Thesis

Funding Possibilities

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Funding PhD students and post-docs at ZALF

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To Funding Possibilities

Advanced Training

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Further education for ZALF early career researchers

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To Advanced Training

International Experience

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Gaining international experience during the PhD phase and as a post-doc

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To International Experience

Courses & Supervision

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Courses and supervision options provided by ZALF employees

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To Courses & Supervision

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