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Institute of Soil Landscape Research

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Working Areas

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The directorate is committed to all tasks in the responsibility of the Scientific Director, in particular:

  • Development of the strategic scientific research program
  • National and international scientific affairs
  • Consultancy on topics in the field of research funding
  • Scientific issues concerning the cooperation with universities, research institutions, scientific organizations, ministries, and the Leibniz Association
  • Scientific reporting
  • Issues of the Scientific Advisory Board, the Executive Board and the ZALF Board
  • Long-term task planning and monitoring of the scientific performance
  • Continuos development and adaptation of the organisational research structure, internal evaluation and competition procedures
  • Research strategy related issues of human resource development
  • Press and public relations

Portait Frank Ewert 
Scientific Director

 Prof. Dr. Frank A. Ewert

Organisation und Assistance


Contact persons: Sabine Schmidt (Main contact),  Anke Hollburg

Coordination of the tasks of the directorate

Portrait Hans-Peter Ende 

Contact person: Dr. Hans-Peter Ende

  • Office of the Executive Board and the ZALF Board
  • Documentation of meetings
  • Follow-up of recommendations, implementation of decisions
  • Communication between the boards
  • Contact for internal and external inquiries
  • Resource planning and monitoring for the directorate


Strategic research management

Portrait Katharina Brüser 

Contact person: Katharina Brüser

Working Areas

  • Matters of the Leibniz-Association and the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Matters of early career researchers: Coordination of the working group of early career researcher, strategy development, trainings
  • Communication with Universities, search and appointment procedures
  • Contact for matters of DFG Programmes (in cooperation with Dr. C. Merz, DFG-Beauftrager des ZALF)
  • Contact for science transfer activities


Portrait Claudia Schulttz 

Contact person: Dr. Claudia Schultz

Working Areas

  • Coordination of national and international calls for proposals
  • Contact for national and international funding-programmes
  • Contact to funding authorities
  • ZALF cooperation and partnerships


 Portrait Ulrike Hagemann 

Contact person: Dr. Ulrike Hagemann

Working Areas

  • Organisation of and contribution to the development and realisation of the ZALF research strategy
  • Development and implementation of organisational structures, internal evaluation procedures and competitive procedures
  • Design and organisation of ZALF-internal measures to promote integrative research


Public relations and press

Portrait Hendrik Schneider 

Contact person: Hendrik Schneider (Head)

Secretary: Margitta Mittelstedt

Staff: Julia Lidauer

Staff: Tom Baumeister

Working Areas

  • Public relations and press
  • Event management
  • Internal communication
  • ZALF-Media
  • Corporate Design

   Link: Public Relations  and Press

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