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Institute of Soil Landscape Research

Institute of Land Use Systems

Institute of Landscape Biogeochemistry

Institute of Landscape Systems Analysis

Institute of Landscape Hydrology

Institute of Socio-Economics

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Institutes and Units

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ZALF is structured in six institutes. In addition, the Agricultural Landscape Data Centre unites the working areas ‘data provision’ and ‘generation of primary data’ with the ZALF Research Station. Further research-supporting services such as Research Information Systems, Publication Management, Central Library, IT Technology, and Central Laboratory are allocated to the administration.

The institutes provide the necessary disciplinary excellence for ZALF's interdisciplinary research. ZALF’s research is focused on three Core Topics transcending the institutes. The institutes structure their research by research areas which may also represent organisational sub-units depending on the size of the institute.



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The six ZALF institutes.

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Institute of Soil Landscape Research - 1

Institute of Soil Landscape Research

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Institute for Landscape Biogeochemistry - 1

Institute for Landscape Biogeochemistry

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Institute of Landscape Systems Analysis - 1

Institute of Landscape Systems Analysis

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Institute of Land Use Systems - 1

Institute of Land Use Systems

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Institute of Landscape Hydrology - 1

Institute of Landscape Hydrology

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Institute of Socio-Economics - 1

Institute of Socio-Economics


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To foster and support research work, central units provide a wide range of internal services.

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Directorate - 1


MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Administration - 1


MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Agricultural Landscape Data Centre - 1

Agricultural Landscape Data Centre

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Information Systems - 1

Research Information Systems

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Scientific Meeting Centre - 1

Scientific Meeting Centre

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Library & Publication Management - 1

Library & Publication Management

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Coordination of Science Transfer - 1

Coordination of Science Transfer

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