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Institutes and Units

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The ZALF has a new research infrastructure. Please change to the structure area in the main menu or follow the direct links below to the new structures.


Research Areas and Platforms

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Research Areas and Platforms of ZALF

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Area 1 "Landscape Functioning" - 1

Research Area 1 "Landscape Functioning"

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Area 2 'Land Use and Governance" - 1

Research Area 2 'Land Use and Governance"

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Area 3 "Landscape Research Synthesis" - 1

Research Area 3 "Landscape Research Synthesis"

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Platform Data - 1

Research Platform Data

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Platform Models & Simulation - 1

Research Platform Models & Simulation

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Experimental Infrastructure Platform - 1

Experimental Infrastructure Platform

Central Services

MyLinkAnsehenUrl: - 0

Central Service and Administrative Units

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Directorate - 1


MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Administration - 1


MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Research Information Systems - 2

Research Information Systems

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Scientific Meeting Centre - 2

Scientific Meeting Centre

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Library & Publication Management - 2

Library & Publication Management

MyLinkAnsehenUrl:, Coordination of Science Transfer - 1

Coordination of Science Transfer

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